Media Buying

There isn’t just one right way to spend advertising dollars. Because of this the process of purchasing media space, be it radio, television, internet or print, can be intense. There are a great many factors that need to be considered with every purchase, like: money available, desired exposure, target market, overall reach, frequency of message, and impact. However, with all this in hand the most important thing to remember is this: experience matters. Knowing where small budgets are ideally spent, what medium will yield the best returns and the wherewithal to negotiate the best deal possible all come with experience. Experience also affords you lasting relationships with media outlets that translate to better deals, last minute special offers and prime placement. Ultimately, a media buy, for both client and agency, is about confidence and trust. Surtsey Productions has a history of confidence and trust with all its clients and more importantly the experience to make your advertising dollars exceed your expectations.